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Landscape Materials Yard

Below is a list of Materials which we stock in our yard. These Materials are available by delivery or pick up! Please give us a call if you have any questions on availability and we will ensure that any order will get to your door the same day or the morning after you called!

Soil, Sand and Mulch

  • Screened Topsoil - $30.00 per yard
  • Beach Sand - $15.00 per yard
  • Mortar Sand - $18.00 per yard
  • Natural Cedar Mulch - $45.00 per yard
  • Red Mulch - $52.00 per yard
  • Black Mulch - $50.00 per yard
  • Brown Mulch - $50.00 per yard
  • Sand/Salt Mix-Call for pricing


  • "A Gravel" or 5/8 Crushed Stone - $18.50 per Yard
  • "B Gravel" or 3 inch Minus Stone - $16.00 per Ton
  • 3/4" Clear Stone $22.00 Per Ton
  • Screenings - $19.00 per Yard
  • Riverstone - $50.00 per Ton
  • Pea Stone - $37.00 per Ton
  • Armour Stone-Call for pricing
  • Flagstone - Call for pricing
  • Interlocking Stone-Call for pricing

If there are any materials which you would like and are not listed here, please give us a call anyway! We have access to any material that you may need or desire.

*All Prices are subject to change and delivery charge varies on location!

*Prices do not include HST

Landscaping Materials Calculator

Not sure how much you need? Use our handy landscape materials calculator.


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